Finishing Up

As difficult as it is to get started some days, others finally bring a larger task or project to completion, a woo-hoo moment that could hardly be envisioned at the start.

Let’s take some time to celebrate those accomplishments, no matter how small. Listen to the people in your life who are unlikely to bang their own drums for those moments and nod approvingly with them. You will not always know what it took for them to get the result they wanted.

Looking ahead, it will not be that long before we return to our classrooms. I doubt that it will happen before the scheduled end of the school year, and some forecasts have the effects of the pandemic extending through the fall, but in the grander scheme, it will only be a small part of our lives. I hope for that day and for that joy.

According to Plan

A list was compiled and off we went. We filled the cart and brought it all into our home, wiping things down just in case. After all that effort and care, it just doesn’t appeal to me right now.

I confess a certain dissatisfaction here on day whatever it is since we started taking this pandemic thing seriously. Do I really have to get up this morning? Taking a walk to get a little exercise really shouldn’t be such a chore, should it? Won’t the things I don’t get done today still be here tomorrow?

Why must I feel this way?

Some other time the cod in the basement freezer would have inspired me. It would have provided a challenge to my cooking abilities and probably still will in the not-so-distant future, but last night I just could not wrap my head around it.

I turned to the pantry shelves for pasta and sauce and to the freezer for Italian sausage. I threw in a slightly wilted red bell pepper and we served it with fresh raspberries from our weekend shopping.

And it was good. Everyone had seconds. Comfort food.

And on tonights list? Omelets. But I hear a riff on Rick Bayless’ 420 Tacos calling. And whatever tomorrow night held can be replaced with a simple broccoli quiche.

Just like I planned it.

No Shave Pandemic

At this time last year, I was growing out my beard. I was playing a character of ethnicity with plenty of facial hair, and I definitely looked the part.

I hadn’t saved or even trimmed for months. When it was over, I got rid of it and even threw in a haircut. Nobody recognized me.

I was not planning on a repeat performance, but I have gotten lazy. One day became two, then three, and now I can’t recall when I shaved last.

And now my trimmer won’t charge. My backup trimmer takes a charge, but the blades are stuck.

This is not going to be fun.

And now for something…

Once is never enough. You always forget something and have to go again.

“Let’s try something different today.”

“Like what?”

I pulled into a parking spot closest to the other entrance of the grocery story.

“There it is. That’s your excitement for the day.”


What did we need again from the hardware store? Charcoal and more of the weatherproof rubberized tape. I could swing by and grab some cheese for the burgers at the organic food store.

What did they say about limiting the places we visit? Try to make as few trips as possible to minimize contact with others and with germs.

I was already out of the house, but did I need these things. I could probably use the charcoal that is already in the grill, and if there’s not enough, I could always cook the burgers under the broiler. I think there was a little brick cheese still left in the drawer, but if not, we can survive burgers without cheese.The small remaining holes that needed to be covered have waited this long, what’s one more day.

Need is a funny word. I’m going home.


Do you recall 
First date days 
Long into the evening 

Attempting friendship 
Not daring for more 
Hating time apart 

Walking across campus 
Just to walk back 
Your hand in mine 

Thai peanut chicken 
Sitting on a blanket 
Fumbling with chopsticks 

Listening to CDs 
The few I could afford 
Your head on my chest 

Dreaming of together 
Maybe one day 
What we have now 

Do you recall