I have a perfectly fine desk in our study, and it has been completely cleared off, but I prefer to use my bed as my workspace. I spread out whatever it is I think I need, and fend off the cat who feels a constant need for attention. I sit pretzel-legged or recline against my pillow when the mood strikes me. I plug in my headphones to catch up on my collection of podcasts and spend my days in isolation.

I am now home from our weekly grocery shopping  quickly typing this entry from my chosen office. I dodged the other shoppers sometimes taking the next aisle to make my way around them rather than let them invade my personal space. As I waited for the for the checker to scan and bag her way through the overflowing cart of treasures, I forced myself to take deeper breaths to calm myself down. I couldn’t wait to be home again and this after only one week of being at home with only a few short trips outside the house.

What will I be like when life returns to normal again? Will I become socially awkward, exhausted from a day of having to deal with others? I truly miss them, but how long will it take to readjust to the others in my life outside my immediate family?

One thought on “Distance

  1. Yes, at first I was actually ok going to the store. In fact I spent a solid 4 days going to tons of stores on the hunt for toilet paper. The kids were with me, usually, to grab whatever was needed. I figured if no one coughed on us we’d be fine. We are talking germs here. But now we’re in. When I need to run out, they will remain in. You’d think sometimes, when envisioning this being over, that it would be like taking the first steps out of a bunker into recently cleared radioactive air. I don’t know. I do think things will be different though. Thanks for sharing.

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