Construction skills

Despite the 30° (RealFeel® 23°) weather, I wrestled the ladder out of the garage and climbed to the eaves above the second floor of the house. The squirrel (and his friends?) were still rehearsing their tap dance routine in our soffits during the wee morning hours.

The cold from the aluminum rungs quickly penetrated my fingers, and I cursed myself for not pulling on a pair of gloves before coming up here. My hands were used to pulling hot food out of the oven with the “tongs God gave me” and not were not made for icy weather. My back felt the familiar ache to remind me that I really needed to strengthen my core muscles.

I bought the small roll of waterproof rubberized tape (on the shelf just to the left of the expanding spray foam I used last time) thinking that the holes really weren’t all that big. I was surprised at how well it worked and quickly realized I would not have enough. Down the ladder and back into the garage to scrounge for a substitute, window flashing tape and… .

When you drive by my house, please try not to judge. If you are selling a home in the neighborhood, I apologize for bringing down the property values. It is only temporary, but I have a home that looks like it is being held together with duct tape.


3 thoughts on “Construction skills

  1. Squirrels rehearsing their tap dances, the tongs God gave you, house held together with duct tape. Funny! I laugh a few times in your slice today. Very fun. Good luck with the squirrel fix. I hope it it worked.

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